OEM Procurement Digital Transformation: Best Practices Case Studies

Issue 05.2018

Reducing Risk Through On-Demand Manufacturing

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Issue 05.2018

Regardless of how well you plan, component delivery delays, production problems and a variety of unanticipated problems will arise as you ready a product for launch. That’s why top performing companies need manufacturing supply chain safeguards to compete in today’s global business environment, where time is money and late-to-market can be fatal. That’s why partnerships with rapid-response contract manufacturers is a necessity, to mitigate risks caused by delays in production or shipment and unanticipated demand spikes across the product’s lifecycle.

From design to request-for-quote, prototyping and market launch, a strategic, proactive strategy that safeguards the product manufacturing process is increasingly important. This article looks at ways to boost time-to-market by using cutting-edge tools to speed request-for-quote, product development, prototyping and pilot product, and a bridge to full production.

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Bruce Rayner is a Contributing Editor for SourceToday. For the past 30 years, he has been a keen observer of global business and technology trends with a focus on the electronics supply base and supply chain management. His experience includes staff editor at Harvard Business Review, Editorial Director of Electronics Business magazine and EBN, Director of Thought Leadership at IHS, and Vice President of Consulting and Market Research at Technology Forecasters.

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